27" New Kwik-Mag Skid Loader Magnet System


Quick Attach To Most Skid Loaders(Skid Loader not Included)
Approximately 1,000lb + rating lifts engine blocks, some truck axles, nails, railroad spikes, box beds, etc.
The entire unit is self contained: It is complete with attachment plate, hydraulic motor/ac generator in all weather house and gpm alert "green" light. Just plug in your auxiliary hydraulics. Upon activation, the hydraulic motor is engaged, turning the generator- ( powers the magnet) instantly! Rated for machines with low hydraulics at only 8 gpm. The power pack has a limiter in the hydraulics that allows you to run your skid steer at any speed. Rev it up!! Best results with a machine that has at least 1,800 lb capacity.
Approximate Lifting Capacities:
Pig Iron (Cold/Hot): 838 Lbs/ 441 Lbs
Crop End (Cold/Hot): 265 Lbs/ 220 Lbs
No1 Scrap (Cold/Hot): 265 Lbs/ 220 Lbs
No2 Scrap (Cold/Hot): 89 Lbs/ 67 Lbs