46" New Infinity Series Scrap Handling Magnet (MFG in USA)


230 VDC
46 Cold Amps
Generator size needed: 10 KW.
Magnet weight 2,650 lbs.
75% duty cycle
Lift capacities:(lbs)#1 HM pig 1,200, #2 HM pig 800, Punchings 1,400, Turnings 375
2 year limited warranty
All MLT scrap handling magnets are as standard rated for a 600 volt class H insulation system.
4 layer design
1100 aluminum strap/ribbon conductor
410 Nomex turn to turn insulation
High temperature glass reinforced layer to layer & core insulation disc
Epoxy based oven cure potting compound
Manufactured in the United States
** Call +1.847.480.8900 For Pricing